Nod Labs was founded in 2013 with a focus on Machine Interaction, Intelligence and Perception. 

Our deep expertise in Neural Network based Perception on very low power devices led us to invest heavily in the A.I Framework to be able to achieve these feats. We could do 100+ FPS depth on very low power devices using our AI Framework enhancements. These AI Framework optimizations have now taken on their own life as a product and is our primary area of focus the last few years.  We are very excited about the future of AI and how we can bring it to everyone.

Our Team:

We believe in digging deep into the fundamentals and to solve the problem the right way.

Anush Elangovan, Founder and CEO worked on the first Google ARM Chromebook and was part of the Agnilux team that became the foundation of the ChromeOS team at Google. Prior to that he worked in the Datacenter group at Cisco collaborating with VMWare to develop the first distributed virtual switching platform. Prior to that he was an early employee at FireEye working on in memory taint-check analysis and mitigating Zero Day attacks. Prior to that he was at Cisco working on Metro Ethernet intiatives. He has an MS from Arizona State and a Bachelor’s from Mepco Schlenk Engineering College in India.

Harsh Menon, co-founder and CTO was an early employee at Zee.Aero / KittyHawk  and worked on flying cars. He has an MS in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University.

The team comes from a varied background but have a singular focus in problem solving. We have a big contingent of PhDs and graduates from leading universities like CMU, Stanford etc but also problem solvers who took alternate paths to get to the forefront of fundamental Artificial Intelligence research and development. The team has years of experience shipping high volume products combined with state of art research.

We do not have any traditional management and have a flat organization. Engineers come together to solve the problem at hand and re-organize for the next one.  If you are a researcher or an engineer you will love to work with us. If you really read this far either check out our Careers page or drop us a note at