Generated by Zengrath [7900 XTX] On SHARK Discord Server

Pytorch 2.0 brings exciting new technologies such as Torch Dynamo focused on Machine Learning Model capture in Python. The team along with other torch-mlir community members have been adding support for Torch Dynamo in Torch-MLIR over the past few months.

We are now proud to have started shipping Torch-MLIR with Torch Dynamo support as part of the SHARK Stable Diffusion demonstration application. Thousands of end users today download a single .exe file to experience the power of high speed Generative AI unlocked on your Desktop – powered by SHARK, TorchDynamo, torch-mlir and OpenXLA/IREE.

Head on over to to download and try out the SHARK Stable Diffusion App on your Windows, macOS or Linux desktop and across multiple generations of GPUs. Join us on Discord and chat with the dev team and other users benchmarking and creating AI art in real-time as we experience the fascinating journey of Generative AI unfold in front of us.

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